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What is a Backlink?

Today we would like to talk about Backlink Details and Earn Free Backlinks. A backlink is an incoming hyperlink from one website to another, for example, in one of our previous posts titled Lifetime Unlimited Hosting Deal from Website Connect we wrote 

there are many websites around that offer companies to list their deals such as AppSumoDeal Mirror and many more

In that sentence you will see that we linked to both AppSumo and Deal Mirror, which is then a backlink for them.

Any link to any website on any webpage is considered a backlink and both linking to another website and receiving a link from another website is beneficial to your website – As a website owner it should be a goal to get backlinks from quality, reputable websites to increase your own credibility in the eyes of search engines.

Why Backlinks are Important 

Backlinks are important as search engines read them as one website vouching for another, for example, if AppSumo linked to Website Connect within a quality and relevant article or within one of their webpages this would in turn increase our Domain Authority (think as credibility) as they have a relatively high Domain Authority score.

You can check a websites Domain Authority by using Mozs free Link Explorer tool. That link will give you the details of Website Connects DA score and backlink information, of which you can do for any URL.

In the quoted example above we link out to both AppSump and Deal Mirror from Website Connect, Google then reads this and sees it as:

  • AppSumo and Deal Mirror are likely reputable websites as Website Connect is linking out to them.
  • Website Connect is likely a reputable website as they are linking out to other reputable websites.

Think of backlinks as they are recognised as a vote of confidence by search engines, the more reputable the website is that links out to you, the more reputable you website looks to the search engine therefore increasing your Domain Authority and ranking higher within search engines.


Backlinks can both improve and damage your website, when trying to earn a backlink from other websites always make sure that they are relevant and post quality content. Backlinks from non-relevant content or websites that are considered spam can harm your websites reputation in the eyes of search engines, decreasing your Domain Authority and search rankings.

Getting links from other websites can be difficult, especially high quality links. We would recommend a medium difficulty but high value method which is to seek relevant bloggers, websites and influencers etc. and ask if they could review your product or service and/or interview you for an article on their website, this then gives them relevant content to improve their website and also a quality backlink for your website, you could also offer to link back to them from your website in return to further increase your chances of being successful in this method.

Always remember to avoid websites that are not relevant or are considered spam by search engines, you can check a range of ranking details using Website SEO Checkers Domain Authority tool.


We talk about seeking posts from bloggers, influencers and websites in our conclusion above, if you are a client of Website Connect whether you use us for web design or hosting, we now offer each client the opportunity to provide an article for us to post within our guest blog section of Website Connect once a month, if you would like to know more please contact Website Connect or speak to us via our live chat.

Thank you for reading our Backlink Details and Earn Free Backlinks article

Backlink Details and Earn Free Backlinks | Website Connect

 Backlink Details and Earn Free Backlinks | Website Connect


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